When to Buy a Prom Dress

It’s officially prom season, and our team at Signature Dresses in Washington, D.C. is ready to
help you find your dream gown! One of the most exciting aspects of prom is finding a beautiful
gown to wear for your special night. It’s always ideal to start far in advance (around six months
out from prom night), but it isn’t too late! If you still need a prom dress, we’re going to cover the
basics of what you need to know about when to buy a prom dress:



Doing your research online before you start shopping is always a good idea. To keep track of all
the styles you love, find pictures and add them to a Pinterest board! Identify your favorite colors,
silhouettes, and accessories.

Your prom dress budget can also be planned at this time. Having a price range in mind when
shopping for a prom dress can be very helpful.

Our recommendation is to shop for prom dresses in January or February. There are a lot of
styles available at this time, since the new prom collections just dropped.

You might not always be able to shop that far in advance, as we mentioned earlier. Regardless
of how far behind you are in your dress shopping, you can definitely find something you love!
Make sure that you find something that fits nearly perfectly the first time around so that you
have something ready to wear on your big night.


If you’re ready to find the prom dress you’ve been dreaming of, book an appointment today with
Signature Dresses in Washington, D.C.!