Trending Prom Makeup Styles in 2022

With prom season so quickly approaching, we can’t help but dream of all the gorgeous looks our
girls will rock on the big day! Selecting the perfect formal dress is only the first step in building
your prom look: your makeup allows your personal style to truly shine through, and there are
many ways to go about it. Here are some of our favorite trending prom makeup styles in 2022:

Smokey Looks



Dramatic, bold, and alluring, the smokey makeup look is perfect for the edgy prom-goer. Make
this look yours by opting for dark eyeshadow, defined contouring, and heavy eyeliner, either
smudged around your eyes for a grungy look, or winged for a sharp, sophisticated appeal. Your
eyes will be taking the center stage, emphasized by the moody tones surrounding them, truly
making your features pop!

Fresh-Faced Looks



On the opposite end of the spectrum, the fresh-faced look has certainly had its recent share of
the spotlight, inspiring online communities everywhere to try their hand at what has been
popularly referred to as “no-makeup makeup.” The goal here is to appear as though you aren’t
wearing any makeup at all, allowing your natural beauty to shine through. We recommend light
coverage, neutral tones, nude lips, and plenty of highlighter.

Artful Looks



Lastly, you can let your creativity soar by treating your face as an art canvas, using unique
eyeliners, exciting, out-of-the-ordinary colors, and even facial embellishments, like gems or
glitter. This style gives you an entirely one-of-a-kind look that embodies your trendsetter tastes,
and allows you to pull the color of your dress into your glam. Our favorite, beginner-proof way of
going about an artful makeup look is simply opting for a lively eyeshadow over a neutral one.

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